Is there any difference between PLA, BIO+, and ABS?

In general, PLA as well as BIO+ are based on renewable resources. ABS is made of crude oil. Printing properties – e.g. printing temperature as well as pre- and post-processing (e.g. coating) are different.

Where should I use 1.75 and where should I use 3.0?

Diameter is a given parameter due to printers’ specifications. It is just set. You have to choose the diameter that the printer (or printer nozzle) os designed for. Moreover: the figures 1.75 and 3.0 are references only. In fact, the diameter 3.0 is really produced as 2.85 or 2.90 mm and, FYI 1.75 is, in actuality, 1.72 mm (all +/- tolerances). This is because the feeding technology in the printers is more tolerant against smaller than bigger tolerances vis-a-vis diameters.

Can I mix PLA and ABS in the same project?

Yes, it is definitely possible (and relatively easy) but it does require a printer that permits this special configuration.

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