For nearly 6 years, we have in various ways been experimenting and developing hardware and software that enables us
to make PLA, BIO+ and ABS filaments without defect and with extrusion tolerances of only 0.02 mm or less…
ie. at least 1/3rd less than the best of anything else currently on the market. Moreover, our color lots will be absolutely
stable from production lot to production lot. And, thanks to our research, we also offer the only 100% fully compostable
filament available, BIO+.

So who the hack are we? (sorry, but that’s a pun that is irresistible!). We are not dilettantes and we are not fast-buck
artists. This company is made up of EUROPEAN technology professionals, NORTH AMERICAN marketers, and CHINESE
production experts – truly a 21st Century concept made for the 21st Century. We are the creative force in the newest and
most dynamic of disruptive technologies and are able to provide high resolution products that will please even the
most demanding and discerning of professionals.

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